Colocation in South Korea

Chosen by 600,000 customers in the world, HOSTWAY Colocation

HOSTWAY Colocation?

HOSTWAY Colocation?

Hostway’s Colocation hosting allows companies to house their servers directly in its datacenter where engineers monitor and control the servers so you don’t have to. You can feel safe placing your server in the hands of Hostway, which leads the industry in quality and security. Hostway has 60 engineers and advanced IDC which provide optimal conditions for sustained server performance and protection.
Hostway’s headquarters are located in Chicago, IL where it coordinates efforts to provide Colocation services to countries worldwide, including U.S., Canada, Korea, Australia, India, UK, and Netherlands.


Horizontal Tabs



Overseas enterprises such as "AboveNet Inc." and "Intellilogica. Ltd" in U.S and "Xcellhost FZE" in India are successfully receiving integrated infra services from Hostway’s datacenter.


Communication in English

Staff of Hostway Korea are fluent in English, facilitating excellent communication. IT support based out of Korea is also available in English.

Datacenter One of The Highest Quality in Asia

Hostway provides a building dedicated as a data center and equipped with a Green Data Center System. Additionally, the building is built to withstand earthquakes measuring 7.0.

Half Rack, Full Rack, Caged Suites, and High Security Caged Suites

Various colocation options are available starting with half rack all the way to High Security Caged Suites where the cages span floor to ceiling in complete isolation.

Redundant Infrastructure

Hostway’s dual UPS, networks, security control systems, have provided customers with non-stop service 24/7 for last ten years.

Advanced Level Technical Support

Hostway’s technical know-how is ranked as one of the world’s best, and its OS Operation team, Network team, and R&D provide support through its account management team.

On-site 24x7x365 NOC

The NOC is fully staffed at all times. All building alarms, systems and fire alarms, and system notifications are sent to the NOC.

Carrier Neutral Facility (with direct bandwidth option)

All major carriers in Korea are available through the data center areas: KT, SK, LG, Dreamline, KINX, and Sejong Telecommunications. Hostway IDC Korea is a carrier-neutral facility. We can facilitate international customers from obtaining IP transit/transport service from local service providers or provide bandwidth service directly. We also offer CDN service through various partnerships.

Managed Colocation to Fully Managed Hosting

What sets Hostway IDC Korea apart is the fact that we provide managed colocation along with fully managed hosting solutions. We have experienced system and network administrators who can help customers with troubleshooting system and network issues along with providing retained managed services. We also offer a full array of dedicated server solutions. This is especially critical for the international customers who cannot be present physically at the data center.

Various Infra Services Available

Hostway Korea offers all types of products related to IT infra, including Colocation, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Exchange Hosting, that you can choose. We offer Hostway’s FlexCloud ™ public cloud computing solution. We also offer a hybrid cloud solution where you can maintain your own infrastructure while having a Direct Connect service to FlexCloud ™ if you are within the IDC. Remember these various services are provided only from Hostway in Korea.

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Rack Service

Rack Service
Sort Served amount Remarks
Rack Open Rack 1/4 Rack 19' * 90㎝ * 220㎝
1/2 Rack
Full Rack
Secured Rack 1/4 Rack
1/2 Rack
Full Rack
Cage Regular Cage 4 Rack 3m * 3m
Regular plus Cage 5 Rack 3m * 3.6m
Premium Cage 8 Rack 3m * 5m

Network-Accessed Service

Network-accessed service
Sort Served amount Remarks
Colocation 5M Dedicated
200M ~ Giga
Server Parking [Max] 5M Shared
[Max] 10M
[Max] 20M
Information of IDC

Detailed Information on HostwayIDC Seoul

USD $1 Billion Dedicated Data Center Building

USD $100 Million Dedicated Data Center Building

The facility is a modern 5-story building with a structural steel frame and a drilled pile structural foundation. The floors are reinforced concrete over metal decking. The building was constructed in 2000 to provide a high quality data center facility.

  • Seismic Design Event: 7.0
  • Importance Factor: 1.5
  • Area Factor: 0.12
  • Soil Factor: 1.2
  • Wind Loading: 35 M/s (10 minute sustained wind)

The total area for the building is 14,533 M^2. The server room total load is 1,570 Kg/M^2.

The Electrical Infrastructure

KD Power manufactured primary service switchgear is fed from two sub stations and an automatic transfer switch moves loads between the two stations upon failure. There are total of eleven secondary transformers. They are all three phase 4 wire. The facility uses both Hitec dynamic UPS in N+1 configuration and static APC UPS system. The static APC UPS system is backed up by four diesel generators in N-1 configuration. The diesel fuel is stored in aboveground tanks. The power distribution is via overhead bus system. Each rack is supplied with either 12A to 40A depending on the customer needs.

Green HVAC

75 total CRAC units. Some units are connected to dry coolers and others to evaporative cooling towers. Half of the CRAC units are switch ducted to use outside air when the temperature falls below a certain threshold to improve the overall data center PUE.

Fire Protection

The server rooms are protected from fire by a suppression gas, HCFC-22 and CHCIF2. The gas is stored in pressurized cylinders in locked fire system rooms on each data center floor. The fire suppression gas is delivered overhead in the data center areas and discharged through special system of nozzles.

Security and CCTV

The facility uses card readers to control for access at various checkpoints throughout the building. Additionally, all visitors are manually screened and checked in at the lobby entry by security guards. The entire building is monitored by on-site staff through an array of CCTV deployment. We allow installation of customer CCTV units when additional security is required.

Prime Location

The building is located in the center of Seoul. It is strategically located near Seoul’s Teheran Valley, Pankyo Techno Valley, and SeongNam Techno Park.

  • Yatap-dong 343-1, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-Si,
  • Gyeongi-do, 463-828
  • Republic of Korea

The Building Configuration

The facility offers data center customers office space, break areas, two passenger elevators, a freight elevator, and exterior door access on all levels for crane lifting in heavy equipment and supplies. The electrical system is on the first floor while the cooling towers sit on the reinforced roof.